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A Serious Proposal For Prussian Autonomy

While the Prussian Kingdom itself is a club for Prussohpiles, we also do advocate for Prussian cultural and economic independence within the Prussian homeland of East Prussia and Danzig, for open borders between the three occupying powers of our homeland, and for...

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Defeating The Nazi Bogeyman

Let's have a beer together, my friends, and address the Nazi Bogeyman some are using to attack and invalidate our national heritage and our culture From the dizzying heights of all our ancestors achieved, are we now going to see the globalists besmirch us with...

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The German State For the German Way

As Prussians we do not believe in mere genetics and bloodlines as the basis of nationality and cultural identity. It is far more likely someone born of German parents or ancestry will adopt the culture, but any person can adopt any culture and most cultures allow that...

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Persecution Of Prussians By The Kremlin

There are Prussians in East Prussia. These include new Prussians, people not related to former Prussian citizens by blood but who have nevertheless adopted the Prussian nationality. Among them are people of Russian, Lithuanian, and Polish ancestry who have totally...

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Das Lied der Preußen

The Song Of The Prussians