Leadership fails when unskilled, immoral, or atavistic men rise to positions of power. When men have their horizons limited to their own parochial interests and when they lack the moral and characterological discipline to put people and right principles first, they should never be able to command other men, especially from the cockpit of the state.

Throughout the Western World, most nations are demonstrably incapable of elevating the best men and women into higher office: the chartlatans and crooks, the venile and the immoral are favored by the slavish devotion of those nations to the unproven theory that each person bears equal weight in choosing their leaders. First, the “voters” have a habit of making major and consequential decisions for nothing more than shallow and selfish purposes. And this in turn produces the kinds of leaders such ill-informed and unqualified persons feel most likely to please them in their interests- leaders of ill repute who care for nothing more than spending the public purse to but votes so they can keep benefiting at public expense.

True nobility, while it  ought to be rewarded with status, standing, and honor, is selfless. It is a demonstrable character, excellent and above average skill, and a strong commitment to the welfare of the whole nation. True nobility cannot be recognized, much less ELECTED by a populace for whom the traits of the Noble are positively shunned! Nobility is earned and then confirmed: it cannot be transplanted by mere birth or by election from persons who are not themselves capable of living up to a Noble status. To be a sure, a NOBLE will likely reproduce Nobles, but being born to a Noble cannot be the sole criterion of Nobility. Likewise, the democratic notion that every person is an elector and has an equal say in matters of state ignores the fact most people lack the education needed to even weigh such choices in a responsible manner.

The crisis of many nations in the West is in fact a crisis of leadership born from a lack of Nobility. With Noble men and women who live up to the true meaning of that word, it is not possible to produce good leaders. To be sure the strictly familial-blood inheritance of Noble TITLES by persons who lacked noble qualities was a major problem, but as the Houses of Nobility owned the lands and territories and had a long-term interest in their profitability and welfare, pressure to remove the unqalified and restore true Noble in title and deed was acute.

Sometimes, however, the granting of noble titles without qualification to back them up has been fatal. Indeed, Prussia’s sad state of affairs as a captive nation of war may be said to be a result of the Prussian nation’s failure in this regard. But now it is not merely one nation, whose virtues leavened European and Western Civilization, that has had such a failure: the entire Western Civilization is controlled by the most ignoble coterie of rent-seeking politicians and their banker owners than ever before existed in this civilization!

In the NEW Prussian system, having learned from our own mistakes, Nobility will be PROVED before it is recognized and we will seek to find and cultivate Nobility in every person throughout our nation, based on the Prussian Virtues. Through establishing NEW Noble Houses the Prussian Kingdom establishes a new form of meritocratic monarchy meant to produce Noble in title and deed. We remain a Kingdom, with a monarchy, balanced by this vital element of PROVING the Nobility of our leaders not simply by blood but by MERIT as well, with merit being the most important factor.

Democracy is free markets and ease of travel: voting with your purse and your feet. This is the only kind of “democracy” we wish to be part of, because it is pure and uncorruptible. But the current democracy of one man one vote by which the unqualified elect the unqualified is becoming the means by which the entire Western Civilization is dying. Meanwhile, those “voters” are finding that the truest and purest form of democatic equality, their inherent and God-given rights as an individual to a free market and to choose with whom they live, are being voted away by their neighbors.