Neuschwanstein Castle is Germany. What country does Merkel represent?

Angela Merkel was remarking about the terror attack a week back in which an Afghan teen attacked Germans on a German train with a machete.  She spoke of Western European culture and values. In so doing she exposed her own heart and ambition: she sees herself not as the head of the German state but as the leader of a European empire,  if you will, ruled from Brussels.

Later she spoke in terms of the German People, but her first instinct was to defend Western European culture and values instead of German culture and values. In fact, other than being a place defined by geography,  there is no Western European culture and there are no Western European values.  Certainly there are some broad similarities between the peoples there, and the political systems are similar, but Frenchman and Germans, Swiss and Belgians, Dutch and Brits, do not all look alike culturally. And this is not a bad thing! 

The entire hegemonic dream of a single European empire has in fact lit the continent on fire on many occasions. The fact it is now dressed up in the language of democracy doesn’t make it any less dangerous. This dream of a single European empire is an affront to the cultural sovereignty of all the European peoples.  It can only breed anger and resentment and lead to disenfranchisement. Cooperation and even ease of travel between the nations is all well and good but Merkel is the champion of something far more sinister.  She represents the end of German culture and identity.  She represents a socio-cultural imperialism in which  a monoculture designed by ideologues artificially replaces the organic cultures of all the European peoples! The hideous progressive dream is for politics to rule culture while an elite rule politics through the buying of votes at public expense. Merkel is no less drawn to that sweet nectar of power than any other hegemon throughout history. 

But Merkel designs her plans around the notion that politics trumps culture. And for that reason she will fail. Because culture is stronger than ideology. While ideology is a strong force backed by the state, culture is a weak force backed by the spirit of a people which works like water on rocks. 

Here is Germany! Is Merkel ashamed of being German?

But in the meantime, the sad truth is that the German people have at the helm of their state a Chancellor who cares more for her dreams of a European Empire with an ideologically imposed monoculture than preserving the German way of life from aggressors.
It is felt by many that Merkel is not a loyal German but an imperialistic “Eurocrat” who places her globalist agenda ahead of the basic welfare of the German nation.

Germany needs a German statesman or woman who will both continue a spirit of cooperation and friendship with European nations and safeguard the German nation itself from threats from without and within. Merkel has shown that her first instinct is to preserve this fantastic dream of a European Empire, and that is an instinct that the German nation does not need in its elected officials. 

Merkel seems ashamed of being German. Germans should be ashamed of her.