From The Palace In Exile
HRM Wilhelm IV issued the following statement regarding The United Kindom’s status in the EU urging both parties to negotiate a better deal for both the UK and the EU.

February 21, 2016

The negotiation regarding Great Britain’s status with the EU, and the upcoming referendum on June 23, 2016, has, we fear, taken a sour turn which it is not in anyone’s interest to take.

As a captive nation of war seeking restoration of our legitimate national sovereignty, the Prussian Kingdom supports a united and free Europe with ease of travel, free trade, and reciprocity in many matters.

The tendency of Brussels to over manage and meddle in the internal affairs of member states, and the stubborness of the French and German Governments over such issues as Global Warming and Immigration, as well as social policies at varience with traditional national values, has threatened the very fabric of the European experiment. In short, the EU has become an empire-seeking power at variance with the national interests and sovereignty of its member states.

Reform of the EU, which would remove much of the influence monopolized by the Franco-German hegemony over European affairs, is necessary in order to preserve and move forward the European experimennt into the next century. The crisis of confidence in that experiment has resulted in the rise of rightwing nationalistic xenophobia and, of course, the growing possibility of a British exit. While we are loath to remove any blame from those exploiting the EU’s frankly unjust behavior toward member states, we cannot help but warn that the craven penchant for over-reach by power hungry elites in Brussels will be our collective undoing, and theirs!

And yet we wish to see the EU preserved, and expanded, including admitting the restored Prussian Kingdom as a member state within a free trade, free intra-European travel, and collective security regimen that will promote peace and stability without undermining national sovereignty or the values and traditions precious to each culture.

Under such a pacific, non-interventionist, decentralized, and yet united UNION we believe Europe can achieve its greatest glories and have the most influence in the world, over even the US, Russia, and China, who are our compitors and yet still our friends.

We therefore urge the EU states to renogotiate a new treaty of union that answers the British and other objections to the interference in internal affairs and that decentralizes the EU significantly. We urge the French and German Government to give up their joint “imperialism by another name” and support these badly needed reforms. We urge the British Government to delay the referendum by 90 days and enter into new negotations on a country-by-country basis gaining acceptance from other nations within the EU for real reforms.