Let’s have a beer together, my friends, and address the Nazi Bogeyman some are using to attack and invalidate our national heritage and our culture

The author at Hohenzollern Castle

From the dizzying heights of all our ancestors achieved, are we now going to see the globalists besmirch us with hobgoblin stereotypes of who we are as a national people?

False Conclusions Drawn In Modern Germany And The Nazi Bogeyman

By William R Collier Jr- In 1933 the German people entered a nightmare that lasted slightly more than 12 years and 4 months- from January 30, 1933 to May 7, 1945. But the debt the German people would pay for their utter insanity was untold destruction of the homeland, the death of over 10 million Germans, the loss  of even more German territory, and, let us not forget, from 1945 to 1989, the Russian occupation and brutal repression endured in the East.

I don’t say this to minimize the loss, the fact many Nazis were not executed remains a bitter pill to swallow, but when I consider how Stalin died peacefully in his bed, it also sickens me. I wonder if Russia will ever be forced to pay for its USSR nightmare, Turkey for Armenia, Cambodia for Pol Pot, China for the Culture Revolution, Uganda for Idi Amin, or Belgium for the Congo?

Anyone who loves the German people, and as an ethnic German from the USA I have deep affection for the Germans, has to have a deep hatred for both the historical Nazis and those who might sympathize with them today. The appropriation of true and historical German culture and heritage for racism and intolerance is an affront to all who have affection for the historical and present German nation. Being an intolerant, war-mongering, racist who wants maximum state control over the economy is anti-German!

For too long, the globalist corporate elites on one hand, and the internationalist left on the other hand, have fed a constant diet of delusion and shame to the good people of Germany. It is no wonder their press and their pop stars all sing from the same secular, collectivist and morally debased songbook, they all get paid from the same masters.

Pride in our German and Prussian heritage is a positive affection for something good, it is not a negative hatred for anything or anyone else.

In 1932 some 40% of the German people voted for a party and a man who utilized the natural and normal love a citizen should feel for kin and homeland as a cover for their own raw ambitions for power.

Today, the left have the same raw ambitions for power, they simply have a different tempting promise, which others might fall for, namely a libertine collectivism that frees you from personal consequences and gives you material guarantees at no cost to yourself.

Ever since the fall of the Nazis, the left have peddled the lie that love for your country and your culture are synonymous with being a Nazi. Love for country and culture is a good thing, loyalty to your nation and its values is something to be nurtured, but the devil has no qualms tempting us even with good things we have a right to desire.

The left claim that if only Germans stopped being proud of their history, their values, their Christian roots, and their common ancestry that this will prevent the German nation from falling for another tyrant. Never mind that the tyranny of the DDR lasted far longer than the Nazi regime, or that the DDR was a puppet regime owned by the USSR, a state that murdered possibly over 100 million people during its 70 or so year history.

Never mind that the language and the stated goals of the modern left in Germany, including the so-called “Christian Democrats” under closet socialist Angela Merkel, resembles the agenda set forth in the propaganda of the USSR. And the German people, according to a disgusting song that was popular last April, take an absurd pride in NOT being proud of being German. As an ethnic German, I am proud of my ancestry, and I feel the homeland and nation which preserved that heritage is under assault.

Ordensburg Marienburg

The false conclusion drawn from the Hitler years is that nationalism (love of one’s family, nation, and homeland) is the root of all evil. But any good idea, including a desire for racial equality (the end of racial hate and discrimination) and tolerance or for social and economic justice, can be used as a way to sell a strong-arm regime that crushes its opponents.

Nationalism, even social justice, or anything good, can become a temptation or promise used by a conman to gain your trust and then take control of your life. Wanting good things, like preserving your culture or social justice for all, is not the problem and suppressing and shunning the natural desire to preserve the greater self of kin and nation or homeland, will not save you from being conned by something else. Loving your own heritage and nationality does not automatically mean you hate or look down on others.

And what is the current CD/SD grand coalition proposing? It proposes to make its powers to regulate you and control your speech stronger, and it promises to fine or jail its political opponents, all under the guise of fighting hate or fake news. And perhaps the German people, fooled by another strong-arm regime into thinking empty promises can be obtained if they surrender their freedom, will blunder into another nightmare: an EU Empire run by and for corporate globalist elites with the connivance of the political left who have no idea how thoroughly they are being conned.

This notion that Hitler came because Germans loved their own family, culture, and nation first and that to suppress this is the only way to do penance for the Hitler years is dangerous and unjust.

Hitler came because he took something positive, love of your own country and culture, and promised to restore it in the face of the left’s assault on such things while only delivering a strong-arm regime that crushes all opposition. Nazism is actually quite alien to the German way, historically speaking: it denies freedom, it was against Christ, it made men dependent on the state, and it replaced cultural integrity within a broader tolerance with jingoism, racism, and raw militarism. Hitler came because the left and the internationalists suppressed Germany, as a culture and a nation, and the only group even speaking to these frustrations were the Brown Shirts in the streets. If an alternative for Germany had existed then which espoused national pride and self-preservation on the basis of freedom, unity, and justice with tolerance and equity, also all German values, there would have been no Hitler.

It is a lie that merely being proud of Germany and wanting the German nation to remain true to its roots is what led to Hitler: the Nazis exploited this and created a regime that almost destroyed many nations, including Germany.

Hatred for others and intolerance of other beliefs and cultures has never been a model of German culture. It has existed in Germany, and everywhere, but the ideal German culture has no room for such things. And this is why the left are so unjust and wrong, they favor and celebrate every nation and culture but the German!

They have created a globalist fantasy culture which has no room for Christians or the traditional German culture, they want to eradicate any cultural identity that might, in its ideals, resist their strong-arm state and cry for freedom. It doesn’t matter if it is the proud German or the proud Inkatha Zulu, any culture rooted in personal liberty, moral probity, and self-reliance is a threat to their collectivist global dream of world empire in the form of a purely fictional democracy, where the voting masses are manipulated by and their votes are counted by the elites.

Today, not only Germany, but all of Europe and North America are fighting the cancer of leftist globalism which seeks a world order that will eradicate European cultures, and their Christian roots, and even alter the demographics of the European continent. They promise social and economic justice and they use the bogeyman or a new Hitler to convince people to accept their strong-arm state and surrender their freedom.

The Germans are on the front line, and if they fall, spiritually and culturally, and then politically and economically, into the morass of global elitist libertine collectivism, then there is little we can do to save the rest of the West from falling.

The real lesson of Hitler is this: never surrender your freedom, even if the politicians and their allies in entertainment and the media appeal to the best and most noble ideals and desires in the process. I can see how a German, kicked in the dirt after WW1 and told by the left that the international order must replace their culture, faith, and traditions might have been fooled by the lies and deception of the Nazis.

These Brown Shirts promised to satisfy the most noble of desires, pride in one’s nation, if only the people allowed the regime to crush its enemies. They made a bad choice.

The Germans have paid for that choice. Most of the people alive then are gone. Certainly there are very few people alive now who are responsible for Hitler. Today the choice offered by Merkel and her left friends is: end German culture and surrender your freedom to save Germany from a Hitler bogeyman and they’ll usher in a new age of peace and prosperity in a multicultural paradise (without, of course, an authentic and historical German culture).

Sadly, it seems the greater German nation, still struggling with “guilt” over a choice made in 1933, are willing to take that offer. The end result could be a fourth reich, the “multicultural” EU empire.

NOTE: PRUSSIA has always stood for tolerance and we are among the most cosmopolitan people in the world. We spend a lot of time going after the neonazi “right”, but our culture is also attacked from the left, who characterize us falsely and whose own ideology is such that they arrogantly think our culture of self-reliance is inferior to their imposition of collective dependence on the elite few. We don’t want anything more that respect for our way of life. We LOVE OUR HERITAGE, we don’t hate anyone else’s.