An order (Befehl) translates a decision into action and it is the task of the Heeresleitung to promulgate a course of action suited to the situation and the mission (Auftrag) defines the action. As the new Prussian Army is not armed with physical weapons its mission is to recreate the martial spirit and unity of the historic Prussian Army and to support the work of the Prussian Kingdom in making a visible show of the history and heritage of our nation which is a captive nation of war.

Therefore, the composition of the Heeresleitung will be persons, men, who are familiar with the Prussian military virtues and history and who are willing and capable advocates of the heritage and traditions of the Prussian Army as an instrument of peace, security, and national unity. Initially, the composition of the Heeresleitung will be the King and 3-4 chosen men who are keen on advancing the development of the new Prussian Army as a model of the historic Prussian Army and as the spiritual vanguard of the revived Prussian Nation.

The battle for the new, and un-armed Prussian Army is not against traditional military foes but against social, cultural, and political opponents to the right and left who, together, have robbed our nation of its homeland (Heimat). The weapons of the new Prussian Army, aside from re-enactor’s kit, are purely non-violent and depend on making a physical presence be felt and conducting information and social media warfare to win people to our cause of national liberation.

The Heeresleitung will establish units and promulgate our own Cyber Truppenführung as a means of mobilizing our virtual Landser to fight against our foes. They will also address standards for Prussian Honor Guards, re-enatcing, and Prussian Air-Soft teams.

You can seek to join the Heereleitung by contacting and detailing why you would make a good candidate for the post.