The provisional Prussian King, Wilhelm IV, had an opportunity recently to visit the ancestral homeland of the Hohenzollerns, Hohenzollernsche Lande in southern Germany. It is the only actual Prussian territory in the German south but it also happens to be the “seat” of the Prussian Royal family, the Hohenzollerns.

Our virtual micronation is not ruled by a Hohenzollern because the family have renounced any claim of actual kingship or any hope of Prussian Restoration. Moreover, our aim of establishing the Prussian Kingdom as East Prussia and Danzig, chiefly,  under a free and royal state independent of, but aligned with, the Bundesrepublic, is meant to chart a course of Prussian autonomy from the greater German nation of which it remains a spiritual and cultural part.

Traveling to the Stammland of the Hohenzollerns reminded the King of the nobility and virtue of the House of Hohenzollern and it seems a pity that House does not choose to play a role in seeking the restoration of a free and royal Prussian state over the Stammland of Prussia herself, centred on East Prussia and Danzig. 

The heart of the Hohenzollern Stammland is the Castle itself, where the Prussian Royal Crown is located. The castle is no mere tourist attraction, it has an extensive library of historical books which scholars from around the world resort to constantly and important functions and events occur there. But, meanwhile, over 300,000 people per year visit the site, most unawed by its deep spiritual significance for lovers of the Prussian nation.

First, the King and his retinue walked up to the castle, climbing 800 meters in 4 miles distance. It was important to walk the trek and not take a bus for two reasons: the busses were clad in advertisements for underwear  (hardly appropriate to the location!) and to go on foot symbolized the struggle itself to bring the truth of Prussia into the world.

The entry was itself a trek through one gate up a covered path that resembled a tunnel and, passing from darkness, entering the light of the main courtyard where a wonderful little beer garden awaited the thirsty.  Here the King sat enraptured in the surroundings, imbibing not only the architecture  (as most everyone was) but the Prussian spirit itself which seems to linger here, calling her children as it were.

We stood in the presence of the artifacts and accoutrements of Prussian leaders whose stories inspire us still.  For the King, this was HOME and felt warm and welcoming. Resting on a recliner on the grounds and imagining that the world was right again and Prussia strong and free again was a pleasure.

Every good Prussian, whether a Classic Prussian or a New Prussian, should make homage to this castle, Hohenzollern Castle, and stand in the presence of our shared history and glory.

Remember this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only- our virtual micronation poses no threat to the Royal House of Hohenzollern  and we pray they become supportive of our aims, to one day see a free and royal Prussian state occupying the Prussian Stammland centered on East Prussia and Danzig.