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Angela Merkel Is Not The Queen Of Europe

Angela Merkel was remarking about the terror attack a week back in which an Afghan teen attacked Germans on a German train with a machete.  She spoke of Western European culture and values. In so doing she exposed her own heart and ambition: she sees herself not...

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Im Das Stammland 

The provisional Prussian King, Wilhelm IV, had an opportunity recently to visit the ancestral homeland of the Hohenzollerns, Hohenzollernsche Lande in southern Germany. It is the only actual Prussian territory in the German south but it also happens to be the "seat"...

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Reviving Prussia’s Message Of Tolerance

Prussia has always valued tolerance. The easy acceptance of refugees from persecution, including Jews and Huegenots, is evidence of this vital Prussian vitrue. But to be Prussian one must adopt the language, the customs, and the culture. Learning German and eating...

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Election Results In Germany- The Failure of Democracy

From The Royal Palace In Exile- The results of the recent Lander elections revealed a shift toward popular nationalism which, while understandable given the feckless behavior of the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats, may portend worse things to come. We do...

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Das Lied der Preußen

The Song Of The Prussians