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Restoring Prussia: Culture, Tradition, Sovereignty

Today Prussia is a captive nation of war. The Prussian heartland is not under the de facto sovereignty of a Prussian Royal Government. The Prussian national consciousness is confused and seemingly gone. All around the world Prussian history, culture, and virtues are...

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The Prussian Free Church

The Prussian Free Church is the official Christian church of the Prussian Royal House and is a protestant, mainline church with diverse traditions and a more traditional liturgy, somewhat akin to the Lutherans. In Prussia, tolerance, especially religious tolerance, is...

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A Crisis of Nobility

Leadership fails when unskilled, immoral, or atavistic men rise to positions of power. When men have their horizons limited to their own parochial interests and when they lack the moral and characterological discipline to put people and right principles first, they...

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Britain And The EU

From The Palace In Exile HRM Wilhelm IV issued the following statement regarding The United Kindom's status in the EU urging both parties to negotiate a better deal for both the UK and the EU. February 21, 2016 The negotiation regarding Great Britain's status with the...

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Das Lied der Preußen

The Song Of The Prussians