The Prussian Royal Palace issued the following statement from His Majesty, King Wilhlem IV, from the Palace In Exile, regarding the passing of Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia:

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has come suddenly and in an untimely manner, shocking the lovers of the American Christian civilization that once existed and has yet to be fullfilled and emboldening those who wish to bury that unfullfilled dream once and for all.

As friends and well-wishers of the American constitutional republic, founded upon the core ideals (Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law) which form America’s spiritual constitution, we cannot help but feel a sense of foreboding and alarm for that same republic. That this one man would have been the singlemost powerful defense of that original Constitution is both a testimony to his greatness and an indictment of the de facto psuedo-constitution of progressive decadence and reconstructionism that prevail in the US right now. Upon the frame of one mortal man so much hope resided that his untimely and sudden, unexpected death threatens to unsettle the whole system, plunging that once great country into crisis.

The American “constitutional republic” has been devolving into the worse kind of democracy governed by rapacious and unscrupulous power stealers who are supported by the votes or apathy of an uneducated and unqalified electorate who have no moral rights to the franchise they receive merely because they were born in that land! The paucity of moral and civic virtue attended by such a base democracy can be seen in the fact one man’s life often stood between the citizenry and total loss of their sacred rights…and now with his passing, celebrated by the mobs of dependents on the government’s largesse at public expense, the useless masses who produce and create nothing and only know how to consume, it may be that the final nail in the coffin of American greatness has been driven.

Justice Scalia was a Junker in noble spirit and deed, a man who we can say was a righteous servant of his God, his country, and his homeland. In many regards, Justice Scalia was the “perfect” American, embodying in his own person the vital spirit of his Republic. Considering just one of the floated names for his replacement, it becomes clear that the Progressive enemies of the Constitutional Republic have no desire to empower anyone but one of their worldling puppets who will use the office of “Justice” as a vehicle for injustice.

The original vision of America as a Union of Popular and Democratic Republics, governed by the ideals of her spiritual constitution, is not dead, and remains in many hearts- but at present those in power, along with their drug-and-sex addled vote slaves, are at war with that Republic as a constitutional UNION of popular and democratic republics (the 50 sovereign states) and they’re winning.

We cannot help but mourn the passage of this great man. Many Prussian Americans, Americans who revere the ideals and values of Prussia (as were inculcated into the American military), have been and remain disgusted by the lack of civic and moral virtue and by the loss of discipline which must result in the decline of prosperity and liberty. This loss, unlikely to be made whole no matter who becomes the replacement, is yet another horrendous wound upon the old Republic, and yet another opportunity for the Caesarism of the disloyal un-American left to transform that land into a progressive slave state.

That most American citizens do not even recognize the inherent danger and evil of the Progressive ideology is a testament to the sorry state of affairs. It is also a testament to the inherent flaws of democracy and “one-man, one-vote”, as opposed to a Nobility of Merit in which one gains standing by demonstrating civic and moral virtue in the eyes of their peers, instead of gaining votes from ignorant fools who have no business meddling in the affairs of state!

Justice Scalia sought to make a system residing on “the consent of the governed” work: but such a basis of government cannot work, and it never has, not from the beginning. Government of the People, by the People, and for the People has never been achieved and, if it had, the People would all too quickly act like children and tear down their own state! We need neither elites who are insensible to the demands and needs of the People nor elites who manipulate the People by preying on their fears and childish wants- what is needed for good governmnt is justice meted out by people of moral and civic virtue who earn their standing by a demonstration of excellence in character and skills, and all for the actual good of the People. What is needed is a true democracy of free association, free markets, and personal and local self-determination within the framework of a set of ideals that preserve the peace and maintain justice.

With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia the Marists and Jacobins, the Mensheveks and Brownshirts, are running wild seeking to end, once and for all, the Free and Constitutional Republic of America which has YET to be truly fulfilled.

We offer our condolences to the Scalia family, and to the remaining true Americans, the last remnant, who still dream of fulfilling the vision of a free and constitutional republic ruled by men and women of civic and moral virtue who rise on the merit of their character and skill alone.

Wilhelm IV
His Royal Majesty
King of the Prussian Kingdom

“The deconstructionists who judge America by her unfullfilled promises have no love for the fullfillment of those same promises, and are therefore wholly unqualified to consider themselves ‘American’ in the spiritual sense of that national identity.” HRM Wilhelm IV