Fahn Die Königlich Preußische Armee

Fahne Die Königlich Preußische Armee

We wish to honor the Royal Prussian Army(Königlich Preußische Armee)  in its proud tradition and valor and to inculcate out citizenry with the martial spirit and pacific intent of that Army which, in its Glory, was the least involved in foreign wars of any of the Great Powers and yet the best prepared.

It is the intention of the Prussian Kingdom (Das Preußische Königreich)  to rebuild the martial spirit typified by the Prussian Army through utilizing modern training in a virtual military academy with the creation of training units and ceremonial honor guards which participate in public parades and in “airsoft” competitions. Units will be based upon former Prussian military units with local groups, centered on Prussian Consulates let by a local Charge D’Affairs, forming honor guards and airsoft teams based on one of those units.

Prussian culture is, and will remain, a military culture, founded on a love for peace and a devotion to the 26 Prussian Virtues. Through participation in the virtual Royal Prussian Army, the Reichsheer, citizens of The Prussian Kingdom will become self-reliant, they will model the Prussian virtues which will improve their lives, and they will be ambassadors to their neighbors regarding the true story of Prussian history, heritage, and values.

Stay tuned for information regarding the Military Academy of the Prussian Kingdom, which will be led by our Kommandant, Herr Michael von Cessna. We are particularly interested in recruiting students who can recruit and train their own local units forming both an honor and an airsoft team. The training, while virtual, is real and will equip you to comport yourself in a professional Prussian manner not only as an Officer in the Prussian Army but as an individual.