Today Prussia is a captive nation of war. The Prussian heartland is not under the de facto sovereignty of a Prussian Royal Government. The Prussian national consciousness is confused and seemingly gone. All around the world Prussian history, culture, and virtues are forgotten while our great symbols are hijacked by intolerant bigots who have no right to claim to be of the Prussian nation.

We understand this article is long- but it is necessary to state the case for the restoration of our nation and its sovereign jurisdiction over its own homeland. We urge you to apply the Prussian virtues of discipline and patience and read the entire document.


The loss to Europe and the world because of this illegitimate suppression, hijacking, and slandering of the Prussian national consciousness is immense. Prussia’s promise, her ideal, lifts men and women, making of all persons who seek it a true nobility whose character and conduct make the world a better place.

In restoring the Prussian nation we are not merely looking back, and we are neither denying any element of our nationhood nor restricting it to the past. Prussia is perpetual forward movement toward excellence, keeping what is precious and cannot change, embracing new ideas that make our nation stronger, and learning from our past successes and failures. From the ancient Prus and their present ancestors to new Prussians living in the homeland or not, from the progeny of the displaced residents of the Prussian heartland (Danzig, West Prussia, and East Prussia), to the progeny of Prussians in the greater Prussia that unified Germany, we honor, we welcome, and we advocate for the rights and welfare of, all Prussians!

Whoever loves Prussia, honors other Prussians, seeks the good of the nation, advocates for the restoration of de facto sovereignty over our heartland, and is willing to support the Royal Government of the Prussian Kingdom is welcome. We ask that you do your level best to learn German, familiarize yourself with the language of the ancient Prus, and live up to the 26 Prussian Virtues.

The process of restoring our nation does not begin with political action. It begins with cultural and social activity, starting in the social network within our website. Creating a profile, friending other members, participating in forums are all the first steps of restoration. WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO, but we must, with Prussian stoicism, embark on the journey.

We will also work to reorganize and reconstitute our Royal Government by recruiting from Subjects those men and women who wish to participate in the important work of the government. Our sovereignty is de jure, we have no recognition and no army, the world’s awareness of us is very low, but through your participation we can begin to reconstitute the government and begin again, even if only virtually, serve the great and dispersed Prussian nation and advocate for the rights and welfare of all Prussians but especially of all Prussians currently living in our heartland.

A question has arisen and has been disputed as to whether anyone not born of the blood of someone who was once a Prussian citizen can today be a Prussian. It is our government’s position that as Prussia has always welcomed MANY persons who were not German, as the first Prussians were the Slavic Prus, and as even today many thousands of ethnic Poles, Russians, and Lithuanians now consider themselves to be Prussians, the idea that Prussia is a blood-tie only defies the very notion of Prussia.

Moreover, we are reconstituting the Prussian nation, resurrecting something declared dead by our enemies, and at this time we need all the new Prussians we can gather, so long as they respect, adapt to, and assimilate within our nation by living and being Prussian in word and deed! The NEW Prussians who adopt our nationality should be welcome, but we must also reach out to as many of the progeny of Prussian citizens as possible, urging them to honor their ancestors, as well, both new and old Prussians, do.

What is also important to note is that many thousands of people who are not of German descent live in our heartland and we have seen a new willingness among many of them to embrace Prussia and adopt Prussia. We must ensure that they do so in a truly Prussian manner, we must encourage and support them, and we must urge others to follow until, one day, the many thousands of new Prussians in our heartland, who have been won over by our powerful national spirit, welcome the many hundreds of thousands of the progeny of old Prussians as their countrymen!

If then we must, in order to ever see a Prussian flag over Konigsberg, welcome new Prussians in our heartland, and of course the progeny of the ancient Prus, so too we will need new Prussians around the world who adopt our nation and who will become ambassadors and advocates for Prussia in their home countries. Like as in our heartland, these new Prussians will welcome and support the progeny of old Prussians and help them to return to the roots of their ancestors.

Prussia is not a race. It is a nation. From its beginning to the time we became a captive nation of war, Prussia has never once denied any person who loves Prussia from any race or ethnicity to become a Prussian, but always and only if they truly became Prussian! Prussia is indeed German, mostly, but Germany is not Prussia and Prussia is not Germany! We are proud of our German culture and roots, and we revel in the idea of modern Germany honoring the contributions Prussia has made to the entire German nation, and we insist that Prussia is a free and independent nation socially and culturally from even its kin and that its ownership over its own sovereign land ought to be as an independent state.

The German nation consisting as it does of all Germans includes many millions of Prussians, but not all Prussians are or have been “German.” Prussia therefore exists both mostly within and partly outside of the German nation. In 1933 the German state under the National Socialists severed its ties to the Prussian state through a terrible betrayal by which Prussia as a free state within Germany became the first victim of Nazi aggression: Prussia ceased to have its own political autonomy within the German state.

Today, it is our policy to pursue an independent Prussian statehood, with Germany as our friend and, we hope, supporter, but we must never again risk the loss of Prussian independence once it is again achieved.

What is more, our policy of pursuing independence from Germany is the only possible means by which a Prussian state can be restored on a de facto basis, though it has been restored on a de jure basis. The creation of an independent Prussian Kingdom WELCOMED by the people currently living in our heartland will remove from the Baltic region the dispute that still prevails over the status of the occupied lands: no major or local power will control those lands and Prussia, as a small state, will not pose a threat to anyone.

And so to the “purists” who are unwelcoming of new Prussians, who wish to merge Prussia and Germany, and who refuse to see Prussia as a nation move beyond a mere re-creation of some past state, we cannot offer much, nor do we owe anything. We are certain that true Prussians who adhere to the Prussian virtues will have no struggle with these necessary policies for restoring the Prussian nation.

We actually support the restoration of the Hohenzellerns to the German state and wish to see the German state become The German Empire, consisting of the current Lander of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as Alsace Lorraine and all of Schlesweig Holstein. However, this is an internal matter for the German People.

We reject a Hohenzellern on the Prussian for the following reasons:

1. The Hohenzellern’s abdicated the throne through Wilhelm II at the behest of the Allies, which allowed the Kaiser to enjoy exile in Doorn, Holland. This was a forced abdication, but agreeing to such an illegal condition was not coerced- had the Kaiser been REMOVED illegitimately an argument could be made for the Hohenzellern heirs, but we fail the betrayal of the Prussian Kingdom by her sovereign was cowardly and unforgiveable

2. As we have noted, the lesson of history teaches us that the Prussian Nation cannot survive as a PART of another nation, not even one which we consider a brother nation: the German State occupied and decimated our lands and betrayed our people through a war of agression in which our nation was not consulted.

3. The Hohenzellerns are a GERMAN Royal Family who of a right ought to seek the restoration of the Imperial Crown, although, owing to the cowardly abdication, they have no right to demand such restoration. If, however, the German nation forgives their House and consents to restoring the Crown, the former practice of also holding the Crown of the Prussian Kingdom would make the independence of Prussia an impossibility which neither the people of our heartland nor the world would tolerate.

There are many other reasons for this, chief among them is that the throne was VACANT AND UNCLAIMED and is now filled by the Royal Government of the Prussian Kingdom. While the Royal Government reognizes the current provisional King as Wilhelm IV (we have opted to skip the III for symbolic reasons), at some point the final selection of the King will occur when the coronation is able to take place in Königsberg. And so the NEW Prussian Kingdom is the successor state of the Prussian Free State and will establish a NEW and enlightened 21st century Monarchy.

We understand that many who call themselves Monarchists will hotly dispute these assertions. We embrace a form of enlightened 21st century Monarchy, but we do so as a Prussian State without the dignity, symbolism, traditions, and style of a monarchy is such a violent break with the past as would be inconceivable for we lovers of Prussia! But, make no mistake, WE ARE PRUSSIANS FIRST, we are not ideological “monarchists” nor do we feel bound by the particular convictions and scruples of monarchism. We feel that some form of monarchy is necessary for Prussia, we are certain that the Prussian royal throne was vacated and is now filled by our Government, and we are certain that the Prussian King cannot also be the sovereign of any other state, as our nation once allowed, much to our ultimate chagrin: of note the Prussian state did not survive as a Kingdom of its own for more than 47 years after it allowed its King to become the Emperor of Germany!

Our aim is to restore Prussia and being a mere Lander of Germany or having a King who is also the Emperor of Germany have proven to be at odds with the survival of Prussia as a free state. And so for all these reasons, and more, we must refuse any offer by the House of Hohenzellern to claim the Prussian Royal Crown.

The Prussian Kingdom at one time consisted of around 1/3rd of modern Poland and over half of modern Germany. Why then does our government not claim all those lands?

We DO claim that ALL those lands represent the greater Prussian homeland and we wish to see Prussian culture and virtues flourish in all those lands. We affirm this in our motto. We are the successor state of the entire Prussian Kingdom at its height. And yet we make no claim of political sovereignty over any save the Prussian HEARTLAND of East Prussia and parts of West Prussia.

We do this for very practical reasons. Our aim is to restore the entire Prussian NATION as a national people. This includes Prussians in Germany and around the world. We urge all Prussians to consider becoming non-residential citizens of our Kingdom once it is established. But, contrary to popular myth, Prussia is not an imperialistic nation: there has never been a Prussian Empire.

In 1701 when the Kingdom was established it consisted of ONLY the Prussian lands outside of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, though its sovereign resided in Berlin, the capital of the the Prussians lands within the German Reich. This provides some guidance for our future: we believe that a Prussian nation needs a Prussian state but that such a state does not ned to be, nor could it be, as estensive as it was. We therefore refer to the Prussian Kingdom as the heartland of Prussia, while the Prussian Nation consists of all Prussians everywhere. Our aim is to restore a Prussian state as the chief defender in the world of the interests of the Prussian nation, internationally.

And so we expect the Prussians within Germany to seek equality and autonomy within Germany and respect for the Prussian nation within Germany. We would represent the interests of Prussian nationals within Germany to the German government. But we recognize that modern Germans are Germans first, as loyal citizens of the German state, and the facts of history are what they are.

As for Prussians lands in Poland which were legally part of the Prussian Kingdom, we recognize that to restore those lands would mean the dissolution of Poland, a traditional friend of the Prussians who lived in East and West Prussia, and so, in consideration of the restoration of only a portion of those lands, and with a mutual promise of protection and alliance within a greater Baltic confederation, it is our intention to formally renounce all such claims, but only after these terms are met.

It would be warlike and destabilizing, even if we had the means of pursuing such aims, to at once seek the practical dissolution of both modern Poland and Germany. However, while our Government is willing to limit our territorial aims to the core of the Prusian homeland, our heartland, we do assert that ALL of those lands are the Prussian National Homeland and should be open and welcoming to all Prussians and tolerant of the Prussian culture and way of life.

This does not mean that those lands cannot also be Polish and German, nor that those states should not retain sovereign jurisdiction. However, our Government will refuse to formally renounce political jurisdiction over those lands until the German and Polish governments agree to recognize our sovereign jurisdiction over the Prussian heartland and the rights of all Prussians throughout the whole historic Prussian homeland.

We must insist that our Government be given the right to reach out to and convince the populations within our heartland to accept our jurisdiction and adopt the Prussian nationality as their own. The manner of our people’s removal from especially Danzig, Memel, and the rest of East Prussia was unforgiveable. It was illegal. The progeny of those persons have a right to their lands. To accept only the Russian occupied lands as the basis of our state is a denial of a gross historic injustice against a people and a nation which was itself a victim of Nazi aggression and which become the scapegoat of German nationalism. The ulmtimate restoration of all of East Prussia, including Memel, and of Danzig, with the consent and support of both the current residents and the progeny of the expelled residents, must be our unalterable goal.

This free and sovereign Prussian State will be the heartland for the whole Prussian globally dispersed Prussian nation, a heartland also for the existing residents whose rights and security will be protected in a manner not accorded to our own people by the Soviet Union. No resident of these lands has anything to fear from a Prussian Kingdom, but they can look forward to a peaceful, but strong, state that is a valuable assett to the whole Baltic region and to Europe in general. They can look forward to a government that serves them and their interests and that works to ensure their prosperity, their freedom, and their security. Their grievances against the states which currently occupy our lands will be resolved: they will enjoy great local autonomy and more freedom to pursue their own lives in peace than ever before.

So then, while our legal claims could be great, and while our Government is willing to limit our claim to the Prussian HEARTLAND, we cannot entertain anything less than the entire heartland and we call upon the German, Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian states to take the next right step to make right the grave injustice inflicted on our people in 1945 and support a sovereign and free Prussian state.

Barring such a just response we are prepared to press our full and just claim to ALL of the lands of the Prussian Kingdom.

Our Government will work for, first, the in-gathering by virtual means of the Prussian nation within this very website. To finance this we will consult with ministers of our re-constituted government and will establish a legal entity to process funds.

We will never resort to violence or political upheavel as a means of achieving our aims. This does not change the validity of our claims. We will ceaselessly work to win the support of all Prussians everywhere, of all residents of the Prussian heartland, and of the International Community, to press our claims until one day a Prussian Flag and a Prussian Monarch affirmed by the Electors of our Nation (who is the monarch of both the state and the whole nation) are installed in our capital city, Konigsberg!

If you want to restore Prussia, we are here to make that happen. That a desire to restore Prussia beats in your heart is proof that Prussia is alive and well spiritually and culturally. We are the only entity that has actual claims of de jure sovereignty and that is a successor state to the Prussian free state. While our efforts for now are virtual, cultural, and social, as is necessary to first reconstitute the Prussian People as a NATION, and while we eschew all violence or political agitation, our aims are ultimately ALSO, but never exclusively, political.

So please JOIN US NOW and become a Tourist, then consider taking further steps toward virtual citizenship. This is a LONG road to restoration, it can and should end in statehood, but it must begin and always depend upon the reconstituting and maintenance of the Prussian nation as a cultural and social reality and way of life.

It is not Prussian to take oneself too seriously or to over-inflate one’s importance or stature. Our Kingdom is IN FACT virtual, as is our state. It amounts to a social network, and a burgeoning one at that. We are not doctrinaire about the ultimate outcome of our efforts, beyond our stated goals, but we stand alone in the world as the only place where modern Prussians can gather to not only celebrate our history but to conceive and establish a glorious future: to not only see a Prussia from the past but a Prussia for the future!

We harbor no childish delusions that anyone right now, outside of Prussians who love our nation, will take us or our claims seriously. When we can count multiple tens of thousands of new Prussians in our heartland and many hundreds of thousands of new and old Prussians around the world among our number, then the world will take notice and then it will rise from the level of social and cultural activity online to peaceful political engagement in the international arena.

The answer to the question “how serious are we” is, “we are as serious as our numbers and supporters will bear.”

To end the vacancy of the throne of the Prussian Kingdom our Government appointed Wilhelm IV as the King on a provisional basis. In the new Prussian Kingdom the King or Queen are ordained by God through the mediation of a council fo “Censors” empowered to select candidates from among whom the Electors of the whole Nation select a King or Queen.

Whomever that King is they will take the title Wilhelm IV or, if a Queen, Wilhelmina IV- the holder of the title, until such a permanent choice can be made, shall be Wilhelm IV as well. His family name is William Jacob Weidenhof IV, but within the Prussian Kingdom he will be referred to only as Wilhelm IV as it is not proper or Prussian to glorify a man, but, rather, to honor an office which is held in service of the Nation.

In the Prussian Kingdom all monarchs shall assume the name of a past King, which name will be feminized for Queens, and shall no longer be referred to by their family name.