220px-Preussen_1701_Königsberg_frederick_the_greatPrussia has always valued tolerance. The easy acceptance of refugees from persecution, including Jews and Huegenots, is evidence of this vital Prussian vitrue. But to be Prussian one must adopt the language, the customs, and the culture. Learning German and eating schnitzel does not go far enough, however, as one must also accept and adopt our virtues.

Anyone who wishes to be Prussian can be. That has always been a Prussian virtue. You don’t have to be a Christian or from a favored sect. But if your religion prevents you from embracing our virtues, starting with tolerance, then, to be blunt, you are not really a good candidate.

It is our desire through this site, which is not be taken to literally or seriously in its claims, claims which are meant to be artful and entertaining, to resurrect Prussia as an idea, as a socio-cultural reality, and, eventually, as a national people with its own standing among the nations.

Prussia is a good thing. It’s chief virtue of tolerance is a good thing. This is why it is so grevious when those who reject our virtues, namely tolerance, try to use our symbols and our banners. How often a lover of Prussia is told not to show their Prussia outfits, medeals, symbols, or flags because they might be mistaken for a neonazi. This is in part the fault of ill-informed people who do not realize how much Nazism was a betrayal of Prussia and partly to the fact that since the Nazis certain unsavory types have tried to steal urban history and heritage for their own use.

Far from being willing to not display my Prussian pride, I would insist that true Prussian ignore such frosh advice and use that as a teachable moment from the person making such a request. If we who understand the true spirit of Prussia put our displays of our history and heritage as a nation under the bushel basket, as it were, then we actually enable and empower the misses of those things.

People will be drawn to Prussia. But if we do not present the real Prussia then the Prussian they encounter and that seduces them will be a fraud. Indeed whoever says I hate Jews and waves a Prussian flag has already disowned what it means to be a Prussian.