The Prussian Free Church is the official Christian church of the Prussian Royal House and is a protestant, mainline church with diverse traditions and a more traditional liturgy, somewhat akin to the Lutherans. In Prussia, tolerance, especially religious tolerance, is a virtue, therefore all religions and philosophies which are not hostile to the Prussian nation and the freedom of her People, are welcome.

The Prussian Free Church will be organized into Bishoprics corresponding to the Crown Republics under Senior Bishops and Diocese under Bishops. An Archbishop will be the titular head of the Church and, if so desired, the official spiritual council to the King or Queen. Local Prussian Parishes will be led by the Parish Ministry consisting of Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, and Teachers with regional itinerant Apostles acting to plant churches and oversee doctrinal discipline. A National Apostolic Council will approve Bishops, Senior Bishops, and the Archbishop and will represent the interest of the Church to the Prussian Royal Government. (Other churches and religious organizations will have representatives also.)

While the titles and terms of the Prussian Free Church are similar, the “priesthood and kingship” of Believers is absolute, respected, and reflected in the organization: the concept of clergy versus laity is absent as all Believers may operate in all the gifts, functions, and offices of the Church. For instance, Bishops and Senior Bishops are chosen from esteemed members of the Parishes and serve for 7 years during their lifetime.

The Prussian Free Church adopts and adheres to Christian orthodoxy in sotoriology (doctrines of salvation) and all other major doctrines as well as traditional, conservative moral ethics and considers these “universals” of Christendom to be incumbent on all Christians and the basis of fellowship.

The Prussian Free Church sponsors its own Prussian Knights of the Teutonic Order as a religious order tasked with defending the faith from heresy from within, proclaiming the Gospel, and defending the rights of the faithful as well as providing mutual assurance and insurance as well as benevolence to members and charity toward fellow Christians. The King, if he is a member of the Prussian Free Church, shall act as the First Knight and Protector of the Prussian Knights of the Teutonic Order.

Membership in the Free Church is open on the basis of Pastoral or Associative membership. Pastoral Members actually attend a local Parish or a virtual Parish. Associative Members may attend any Christian church or fellowship but associate with the Prussian Free Church and have access to its services to members in general.

Forming a Parish is simple and easy: any 5 Prussian Christians who adhere to the Prussian Free Church’s doctrine and creed may apply to become a Parish within a regional or virtual Bishopric. All Parishes outside of the Prussian heartland will be associated with a Bishopric within the Prussian heartland.

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